Department of Sociology and Anthropology

The objective of the B.S.S. (Hons.) in Sociology and Anthropology program is to acquaint students with the basic concepts and ideas of Sociology with a view to equip them with a sound foundation and knowledge with respect to the problems that man faces as a social being and their possible solutions for achieving social wellbeing and total welfare of man and the society, which will prepare them to adjust to the reality of the multidimensional issues of the contemporary world.

Asian University of Bangladesh has been offering a major in Sociology and Anthropology since Summer 2006. The program is committed to rigorous teaching, writing and analytical skill-building on issues such as development, modernity, nationalism, sovereignty and culture. The faculty members of the department are graduates from well known universities. All faculty members are very punctual and sincere in their dedication to the students in the class room as well as in the field, and ensure high quality social science training with prospects for advanced degrees and interesting careers in the various sectors of the country and elsewhere. The program offers the following:

  • Intensive course work covering theoretical advances and practical experiences
  • Monograph writing for BSS and MSS students
  • Workshops of research methodology with students
  • Participation of students in extracurricular activities
  • Seminar for participation of teachers and students
  • Career planning for graduate students


Both BSS (Honors) and MSS programs constitute regular on-campus classes in addition to other activities. Overall, the BSS and MSS programs at AUB provide quality education at an affordable cost.